lan meaning

This should help you understand whether or not you need a WAN or LAN network in your business. Generally speaking, small companies will operate on a LAN system whereas larger businesses and corporations will require both. Advanced networks that use LANs and WANs, as well as subnetworks, can be incredibly complex because they all need to operate independently and as one unified system. As such, it is crucial that the right set up is utilized from day one.

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Speeds. Generally, it will be easier to boost speed levels and reach higher speeds in a LAN network compared to a WAN. This will depend on the hardware and cables used but because you can connect devices physically, it can be incredibly rapid. LAN devices can also be connected to the same router or switch which again does mean faster connections.

In contrast, WAN speeds can be impacted by various issues. You need to think about the equipment you are using but it will also depend on the equipment used in the network itself. You won’t typically have any control over this and WANs will be slower due to the distance data will have to travel. Technology is changing all the time and high-quality copper cables are used to speed up WAN connections.
lan meaning

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